IN GOOD COMPANY (aka George Brett and me) — by Steve Nadis

I can already hear the skeptics: What do I have in common with George Brett? Quite a lot actually. We are close in age (he’s got a year on me), and we both held our jobs for a long time–Brett employed by the Kansas City Royals for 20 years and me employed by myself for 25 years. Although I have not been elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame, nor was I the American League’s Most Valuable Player, 12-time All Star, and Gold Glove winner, I have won quite a few trophies in volleyball which are proudly displayed in my office.

But there’s a more important similarity I haven’t even talked about yet. We’ve both injured ourselves watching television. I hurt my knee, as described in most vivid fashion in yesterday’s post,whereas Brett spent 19 games on the disabled list in June 1983 “with a broken toe suffered while striking a door jam when rushing to watch Bill Buckner on TV.”

So there are at least two important lessons to be drawn here. One, as stated yesterday, is that “TV viewing may be hazardous to your health.” The second is that the George Brett and I have quite a bit in common.


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  1. Oldroses says:

    It’s usually a table leg that does in my toes. I swear they (the table legs) just reach and and grab my toes!

  2. Snake says:

    I’m sure this has happened to many famous people as well.

  3. ZARDOZ says:




  4. Snake says:

    Thanks Z, feelin’ better already.

  5. Ouch Snake! It is ironic considering how little TV you watch, that you’d hit yourself getting there. Maybe the TV set’s mad at you for not spending too much time with it and is sending out bad vibes.
    Hope the knee’s better soon!

  6. Snake says:

    There’s only one solution, it seems: Watch more television!

  7. Turd Blossom says:

    Do you have a disease named after you like George Brett does?

  8. Snake says:

    You mean like Snake Syndrome?

  9. ZARDOZ says:

    everything alright fellah?


  10. Snake says:

    Thanks Z, I’m good–fully recovered from my TV injury. In the future, I’ll try to allow more time to turn on the Weekend Weather Report to avoid a recurrence of the above situation.

  11. Turd Blossom says:

    FYI, “George Brett’s Disease” is also known as hemorrhoids.

  12. Snake says:

    Thanks for the edification. Hemorrhoids, that’s right up your alley–isn’t it TB?

  13. Turd Blossom says:

    I’m always the butt of your jokes.

  14. Snake says:

    That you are, TB. No butts about it.

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